Tuesday 7 October 2014

Monday 8 September 2014

Hive Mind on Threadless - Voting Open!

I've posted a T-shirt design to Threadless, my very favourite T-shirt shopping site! Voting's open all week, so if you like it click 5!

Hive Mind on Threadless.com vote now!

You can also do a crowdfunding option, if you'd like to pledge to buy it if it gets printed. My promo code for Fund It! is RJ0HXJ  - gives you $5 off.

Sunday 8 December 2013

Magic Hands Woman Builds ICE PALACE!

Woman runs away and builds herself a FUCKING ICE PALACE! This is so cool. Literally. Figuratively. Well,  thematically.

Builds an ice palace with her MAGIC HANDS!

I am much more inclined to see Frozen after watching this, but still concerned that all previous advertising billed the talentless sister and that overgrown man-child as the main characters. I am really only interested in magic hands woman.

Wednesday 7 August 2013


I spent half an hour today drawing wobbly lines with a protractor and then I realised, 'I can just go to the shops and buy a ruler for about a quid.' And I go to the shop. And there SO many rulers! Metal ones, plastic ones, fold-ups, flexible, ones longer than 12 inches (tempting, but I would have to buy larger paper). At times like this I wonder whether I would fit in better in a communist country (apart from the repression and lack of Wispa Golds). I only went in for a piece of plastic & I came out with a metal "safety" rule [what are dangerous rulers? Surely a dangerous ruler is a sword] with a non-slip rubber strip and a centre recess to protect fingers from cutting [unnecessary; that is why fingernails grow longer than the ends of your fingers]. At least I knew I didn't want a flexible one. Who wants a BENDY ruler? I find it hard enough to work them as it is.